broadly */*/

broadly */*/
UK [ˈbrɔːdlɪ] / US [ˈbrɔdlɪ] adverb
a) something that is broadly accepted is accepted by most people in a general way, even if they do not agree about all the details

The proposal was broadly welcomed by teachers.

b) something that is broadly true, accurate, or similar is true, accurate, or similar in the most important ways

This theory has turned out to be broadly true in practice.

Their proposals are broadly in line with the government's ideas.

The two wars followed broadly the same pattern.

2) in a way that includes a large number of people or things

Only large, broadly focused companies can compete in this market.

3) if you smile broadly, you give a very wide and obvious smile

broadly/broadly speaking — used for saying that something is true in the most important ways

Broadly speaking, we agree about most things.

English dictionary. 2014.